Friday, September 27, 2013

For Iz 1:55am

Could you be more curious
as you scurry from point A to point B
taking the most scenic route
Touching mountains, grass and trees --
Could you be more free to explore
To turn the world with the palm of your hand
and to look with a panoramic view of the sky
Wide-eyed, soaking in solar gold
Your skin bears evidence to where you've been
All those outs and ins
Scrapes on knees and dirt caked on heels
And still you've got places to go
You follow your nose
to where the air wafts the scent of adventure
Beauty without censure--
That is what you see
Before you flit off to spectacular
I'd love if you brought with you me.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


The problem with poetry is I'm too within them
I give away secrets
that I trust no one else to keep.
So if my writing ceases,
the truth is I'm biting my tongue.
The words suffer
when transparency is not optional.


Still hangs in the room, in the air
Every surface is familiar, but unnatural
Or maybe I'm just too aware of my own skin
Whatever it is - I stand my ground
in the absence of courage.
Cowardice wearing bravery --
Trading wool for grays.