Saturday, March 26, 2011

Storyboard: neighbourhood & park

no food. no birds.

between the lines.

bark web.

plan b.

concrete puddle.

don't step on the cracks.

three old friends.


     I shot these pictures in black and white because the palate of the day was grey. Colour was most definitely welcome but, in the end, not received. The sky and the pavement were matched as though they had called each other the day before to plan how they were to be. I imagined that they were iphone users. The trees were bare and its bark dull, but I took note of any birds-nests: there were 3.
     One of the moments which had impacted me the most was when I spotted a discarded Plan B box atop of a bush in front of the fence of a neighbour's house. This moment felt to me an ironic metaphor of how I tend perceive the world in my most pessimistic moods. I wondered about the woman who had bought the box and used the contents inside. I wondered if she was panicked or if she had taken it calmly as if it were just another pill for another headache. I wondered if she was doing well and prayed that she was happy, or, if not, I prayed that she was at least on her way to a path of joy and love.

     Though I felt melancholic, I walked along with a still peace in my heart and hope in my soul. While the season is empty now, much more will be brought forth in the coming weeks.

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