Tuesday, July 12, 2011

11:45pm - Sipped

She had a mellow meltdown -
Sipping her tea.
She left her biscotti half eaten and she thought about much -
Much about her passing youth,
Much about her failing marriage,
Much about her dead end job,
but mostly much about nothing.
Nothing seemed to fill the everything in her life
and she thought this is why I’m empty -
This is why she did not cry, or scream or throw a tantrum
- this is why she could smile and do small talk with the neighbors
This is why she could sip her tea in a non-chalant fashion
And feed the rest of the bitten biscotti to the dog.
She was neither old nor young – just perpetually in between.
In between what, she could not configure --
She could stay or she could leave but she did neither and either,
And so she kept on sipping her tea -
Sipping her tea -
Sipping her tea -
Sipping and sipping though the cup had long been empty.


  1. After my third read I am currently doing my "this is friggen brilliant" slow head shake. Now I shall embark on my fourth read.

    Yup, still brilliant.