Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Time Travel - 1:53pm

Time travel is the farthest distance closest to home.
I could stand in my open garage--
watch innumerable sunsets rise and fall.
Colour jerks and jumps in every which direction,
It could be human, but who knows?
I've never been one for the rewind,
So I'd just unwind into the future.
And when I've reached the destination,
I realize I am not confined. The walls ceased to exist long ago.
But before I go - before I take that first step - before the first breath - 
shall I first remind myself that all I knew is dead and gone;
all I've loved is just soul and dust.
Freedom isn't what I thought it'd be -- it's lonely.
But then I remember that I am a time traveler,
And I'll have much to tell after the long trek home.
So I take that breath --I take the step.
Time or space, the journey is the same.

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