Saturday, September 1, 2012


Here I am in a countdown state:
from ten to one,
start it over again
from ten to one,
again and again.
The cycle never seems to bend.
I wait for the bus,
I wait for my friend,
I wait for the call, 
I wait for the end,
from ten to one
again and again.
It is in my head,
that those numbers descend --
When waiting for toast,
whilst only bread.
When watching for green,
while stopped at red.
Ten to one.
Again and again.
So are we meant,
to reset,
from ten,
down to one,
then back to ten,
and live in the countdown,
that never ever,
seems to,

But I wonder...

If I went from one to ten,
I wonder where I would be then?
Counting up to who knows when,
to who knows where,
with no agains.
I could count to infinity,
and know there is much more to see.

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