Saturday, November 3, 2012


The things I love, I count in threes:
A splash of milk in my coffee or tea
Rain and fog with peeks of sun
A brisk walk, a skip or run -
Down the street with the sidewalk cracks -
Children's chalk art, railway tracks
And when I step off the train
I'm met with a smile, kiss and embrace
Strangers show their toothy grin,
When I leave to let them in
The chilly lips of the wind
Kiss my cheeks like the closest of kin
And that lovely, knitted, woolen scarf
Which gently hangs upon my neck
Brings warmth and comfort,
like the arms of the beloved I've not yet met
And there I am before the day
Before the work and rest and play
Before all the those things we do
And all those things we must get through
For me just to simply be,
I count the things I love in threes
One, so I shall not forget
that I am ever humbly blessed
Two, reminds me I'm not yet done,
and there is always more than one
Three, to stretch beyond belief
what it means to fight defeat --
in the greyest of the morning skies,
amongst the crowd of passer-bys,
and the unrest of a sleepless eye,
amongst the grief, sorrow and apathy,
I keep a little skeleton key
in a bundle of 1, 2, 3
That opens to a freer me


  1. I really like this poem

  2. It appears to be a highly appealing poem to Anonymous people as I too like it.

  3. Thank you.

    I must keep in mind my anonymous demographic.