Thursday, July 4, 2013


Cyncism is a sickness
inflicting its worse symptoms
on those who were once innocents
but unlearned what the true nature of beauty is --
because they got hurt,
somewhere at sometime
by someone who mattered
who fell short of being better than they ought...
The story's the same old
- the person is not.

Then the sickness remains
and they cough and wheeze
all their negativity
on anything that could be
and infect anyone still healthy.
They cannot heal with self-medication
only reconciliation of mind and heart
For where cynicism breeds, beauty must part

So yes, I might be too eager to forgive --
I might be drinking this world in
with eyes too wide in a rose-coloured haze
And I may be simple and naive
and a target for pain,
but I'll pray to be wiser with the hope I can be kinder,
without reservation,without walls, without shields
without worrying who will be the next
to step on my heels.

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