Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I feel like I'm armed with box cutter --
Risking the jagged edges
that comes with tearing through,
all to release
something new,
something unexpected,
something understated.
Something I just didn't know.
I didn't know that it was just me,
in a cocoon.
I thought it was night,
So I slept in claustrophobic complacency.
I just didn't know.
I thought freedom was as far as I could touch
but the walls were too close
so I froze in place,
discontent in my little space.
Till one day, I hadn't enough room
for all the change I couldn't see.
And when there's no door for you to leave,
you create an exit --
and enter into a world
you still know nothing about,
but it's wonderful.

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