Friday, March 29, 2013


Dear Friend -

      I begged an audience with Inspiration,
but he was far too busy.
I called upon Creativity,
but she had others to meet.
So I am left with a heart and a brain,
completely of my own,
hoping sincerity and authenticity shall suffice
in place of brilliance and eloquence.

      There is so much that cannot be known.
There is plenty that cannot be seen,
like looking through a telescope,
we see a little --
enough to know there is a world of stars.
But outside the rims of the convex,
lies a universe that is ever expanding.

      Life is not one constellation,
but a sea of lights and galaxies,
and exploding suns  --
It is beyond our sense of space
and awareness of time.
And though you may be just one,
You are one connected to infinity.

     And God is there as the great conductor;
of details, of connections, of destiny,
Aligning the desires of our hearts
with his inevitable plans.

     What I mean to say, dear friend,
is that you can do anything --
We are on the same side of wonder and possibility.

As limited as our view may be,
Boundless are we.

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